Other Support

2019-20 Support

The foundation supported the creation of a CBGS Bowling Green Robotics Club in 2019 by purchasing supplies to build their first remote-operated vehicle (ROV).  The CBGS Warsaw Robotics Club has seen success at the MATE ROV competition for the past three years, and CBGS was excited by the opportunity to expand the program. While the 2020 MATE ROV competition was canceled due to COVID-19, we are excited to see the students use their supplies to build an ROV during the 2020-21 school year. After competing with the ROV, the students hope to mount several water quality sensors to the robot so it may continue to prove beneficial to CBGS during field trips to take water samples along rivers, lakes, and the Chesapeake Bay.

2018-19 Support

CBGS turned 20! The CBGS Education Foundation ran a community fundraiser to celebrate CBGS’ 20 year milestone and raise money for additional initiatives such as the Senior Project Mini-Grants.

Past Support

The CBGS Education Foundation has been active for over 15 years supporting the school. Large past Foundation contributions include:

  • Purchasing tents for the Shenandoah National Park Sophomore field studies trip
  • Purchasing kayaks for the Kiptopeke National Park Junior marsh ecology trip
  • Buying equipment for CBGS lab courses

And much more!