Each year, the CBGS Education Foundation awards a scholarship to one student at each campus of the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School:

2020 Scholarship Winners

We are proud to announce the 2020 scholarship winners!

Randy Brown Memorial Scholarship (Warsaw Campus)

Anna Jett – University of Virginia

“I’ve loved every moment of CBGS. Even at the most challenging times, I knew I was learning and becoming a better student, scientist, teammate and person.  I learned a lot at CBGS but most importantly, I’ve learned to be open minded in my studies, to be creative and scientific, and how to conduct scientific research.” -Anna Jett




Sherry Pettyjohn Scholarship (Glenns Campus)

Alayna Loveland – University of Virginia

“Governor’s School has taught me the importance of scientific research. Since I had to conduct a research project myself, this really has made me appreciate research and understand its significance in our society.” -Alayna Loveland




Eric Lund Memorial Scholarship (Bowling Green Campus)

Hellen Laguerta – Virginia Commonwealth University

“…actually experiencing what I am learning makes the lesson live forever in my mind.  CBGS taught me to leave my comfort zone by stepping out of a kayak into the murky waters of the wetlands and by capturing tiny, swift ghost crabs on a moonlit beach to understand concepts deeper than I would have in the classroom.”
–  Helen Laguerta

Previous Scholarship Winners

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