The senior research project is a unique aspect of CBGS that is important to develop students who understand science. CBGS students achieve this major feat by making novel discoveries in our complex world through a project that they carry from conception to public dissemination. Many of these students’ hard work allows them to compete with peers from schools across the Commonwealth at the Virginia Junior Academy of Sciences (VJAS) for prizes and scholarships. In fact, this past year CBGS sent 34 students to VJAS. At the symposium, students performed exceedingly well with seven honorable mentions, five 3rd place finishes, one 2nd place finish, and three 1st place finishes in their respective categories. Furthermore, two students won named awards, three were invited to give presentations at the Virginia Academy of Sciences, and one student received a $5000 scholarship! The foundation grants money for student travel to VJAS so that finances do not limit this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The CBGS foundation also has started a mini-grant program in which students may apply for funding towards the completion of their projects.

2019 VJAS Winners